226 Smoke Alarms Installed in Madison Township

98 homes

228 residents

24 volunteers

226 smoke alarms

Those are the numbers associated with last week’s Fire Safety Walk in Madison Township, near Mansfield.  The Operation Save-A-Life event was part of a nationwide effort to reduce deaths from home fires 25% by 2019.

Red Cross staff and volunteers partnered with the Madison Township Fire Department and Target employees to enter 88 homes, share fire safety tips with 228 residents, and install 226 smoke alarms.

“Each home should have a smoke alarm on every floor,” said Lara Kiefer, Executive Director of the Lake Erie/Heartland  Chapter.  “We appreciate the help we received from the Madison Township Fire Department and the local Target store to reduce the chances of fire fatalities in our community.”

There is no charge for the smoke alarms or for their installation.  Residents throughout Northeast Ohio are encouraged to log onto the Operation Save-A-Life  page at redcross.org/neoosal to schedule an appointment for a free fire safety inspection and free smoke alarm installation.


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