Pictures are His Passion

The American Red Cross celebrates the work and support of the hundreds of thousands of Red Cross volunteers during National Volunteer week, April 10-16.

Volunteers fulfill many roles, from coordinating blood drives, to responding to home fires in the middle of the night, to traveling to areas ravaged by natural disasters.

One such volunteer is Cal Pusateri, a professional photographer who uses his skills to help document the good work done by other volunteers in the Northeast Ohio Region.


Why I Volunteer

By Cal Pusateri, Communications Volunteer, American Red Cross Northeast Ohio Region

Over the years, I have volunteered for more than a few 501-c organizations.  Giving my time has more meaning to me than a simple donation.

When approached to volunteer for the American Red Cross, I signed up for a strictly greedy reason, Boosted Ego!

I take photos, and when the ARC uses one (ego boost), hopefully, a person or persons are inspired to join the ARC.

Thank you, American Red Cross, for allowing me to become a ARC Volunteer.

Photo Credit: Cal Pusateri/American Red Cross Volunteer

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