California Wildfires 2017

December 14, 2017. Ventura, California.
Garrett and his family moved into this home just before Thanksgiving and today considers themselves extremely lucky. Both neighboring houses burned. The only reason his still standing is because of the heroic actions of another neighbor’s son, an off-duty firefighter, who took action. This unnamed hero broke down Garrett’s door, tore open a wall where flames had just started, and poured a gallon of orange juice to slow them down. It gave enough time for emergency responders to get there and defend the rest.

*Garrett’s son, Session (3), saw and can describe what the Thomas fire looked like as the family evacuated. It was a “big fire,” he said. Now Session is a big fan of firetrucks “I got to push all the buttons” and other emergency vehicles. He was thrilled to get a turn handing out snacks from the ERV, and got to announce his name to the neighborhood over the loud speaker. Volunteer Ron Burby gave Session a Red Cross souvenir pin so Session gave everyone at the Red Cross a big hug!
Photo by Dermot Tatlow/American Red Cross

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