Check Your Smoke Alarms

Have you checked your smoke alarms lately? Do you know when they expire? Do they have working batteries? Do you know two exits from every room in your home? What about other people who live in your home? Could they get out of a room if a fire blocked the door?

With the heartbreaking news coming from Greater Cleveland about three separate cases of fire fatalities, six deaths, including children, we are imploring residents to get fire safety smart.

Don’t put this off. Start now, today.

“The most common cause, as related to fatal fire, often can be slow or smoldering fires at night,” stated Regional Disaster Officer, Timothy O’Toole in a recent WEWS interview.

This is why it is extremely, EXTREMELY important for you to know more about your own smoke alarms. (See first paragraph for the questions you should be asking yourself.)

Yesterday, reporter Jennifer Auh of WEWS, and cameraman, Brian Sobolewski, saw for themselves the importance of smoke alarms and fire safety education. They tagged along with two Red Crossers – John Gareis and Shelby Begg – as they installed smoke alarms in the home of Arlene Jordan.

If you do not have smoke alarms, contact us. Red Cross volunteers will come to your home and install smoke alarms – for FREE – and help you get started on a fire safety plan. To learn more about our program, visit and click on your county.


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