Hurricane Dorian Bahamas 2019

September 11, 2019. Nassau, Bahamas. Christina (mom); “We came to the Red Cross because we heard they’re giving help,” says Lorvensky, a new dad. Lorvensky (dad); Kean (3-week old baby boy): Christina, Lorvensky, and Kean (age, 3 weeks) evacuated to a primary school as Hurricane Dorian approached their home on Abaco Island. They rode out the storm, but it was a terrifying few days, as even the school was badly damaged. The family, who just had their first child, lost their home to the storm’s devastating wind and rain. “I kept my son safe under my arm,” says Lorvensky, of the terrifying ordeal. The family left Abaco Island by boat a few days ago and are currently staying with family members in Nassau. They came to the Red Cross and received a food voucher, water, baby formula, hygiene items, clothes, and other items to help them cope. Asked what her hope is for her son, Christina remarks, “I want him to get a good educations. I want a lot for him! I just want good things for him.”

Hurricane Dorian—a category 5 storm that struck the Bahamas in early September—claimed lives, destroyed homes and devastated communities. The storm lingered over the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahamas for the better part of two days and left people in need of basic aid such as food, water, and emergency shelter. Since the hurricane, thousands have evacuated Abaco and Grand Bahama islands at a rapid pace. Still, thousands who remain on the islands dealing with water-damaged homes, completely destroyed houses, and in need of basics such as hygiene items and clean water. Bahamas Red Cross volunteers have been helping since the beginning—preparing people before the storm hit and helping families cope in the days after the storm. In the days and weeks following the storm; the Red Cross has provided medical care to evacuees arriving at Odyssey airport, distributed food vouchers and relief items such as water, hygiene items, dried food parcels to evacuees dealing with the initial days of displ

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