Thousands in NEO are Now More Prepared

About 9,000 residents of Northeast Ohio now have a better idea about how to prepare for emergencies.  And many of them also have new emergency first aid kits, thanks to our partners at Dominion Energy and the dozens of volunteers who helped distribute the information and the free kits on Saturday, April 7, 2018.

Shoppers at various malls and Walmart stores in Northeast Ohio were given a quiz, to test their preparedness knowledge.  They were quizzed on such topics as the lifespan of smoke alarms (10 years), the national “Call Before You Dig” phone number (811), and the most common cause of home fires (cooking.)

“Dominion Energy Ohio is proud to participate in another successful Preparedness Day with our partners in safety at the American Red Cross,” notes Jim Eck, vice president and general manager, Ohio and West Virginia Distribution. “We remind our customers and the general public that safety at home and at work requires daily vigilance and effort.”

“We are grateful for the help we get from Dominion Energy with Preparedness Day every year,” said John Gareis, Red Cross Regional Preparedness Manager.  “Our partnership has helped educate tens of thousands of people over the past several years, making them Red Cross ready.”

Nearly 4,000 Emergency First Aid kits were distributed to people who took the time to take the preparedness quiz.  You can purchase first aid kits and other emergency supplies at the Red Cross store.

And here you can see a photo album of our volunteers at work on Preparedness Day, 2018.

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