Assuring Financial Aid and an Amazing Volunteer when it is Needed Most

There are a vast number ways that the Red Cross partners with organizations, both regionally and nationally.

Take for instance, the relationship between the Red Cross and Asurint, a developer and designer of an integrated system of background screening products, which is headquartered in Cleveland.

Asurint runs the background checks for each and every registered Red Cross volunteer.

“Because so much of our work is done with the public, including children, it is vitally important that we know who our volunteers are,” said Gail Wernick, Regional Volunteer Services Officer for the Northeast Ohio Region. “We are sending volunteers to work with people during, what has to be, the worst period of their lives, and, sometimes, in the most intimate of settings, such as a shelter. We have to be sure that the volunteers don’t have something on their record that would exclude them from such work.”

Recently, Asurint gave back in a different way –  with a $10,000 donation for those affected by disasters.

Thank you, for being such a valued partner!

Asurint 2 (002).jpg

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