Red Cross World Series Challenge: We’re Out for Blood

We, Team Red Cross in Northeast Ohio, formally challenge the Red Cross of Chicago & Northern IL and Cubs Fans everywhere to donate blood and help save more lives than us.

Using the Red Cross Blood Donor app, Indians fans can join the Cleveland Indians blood donor team by downloading the app, logging in, navigating to “My Teams,” and joining the team with the script Indians logo. Cubs fans can join the Chicago Cubs team on the app. At the end of the World Series, the team with the most donated blood, and thus lives saved, gets ALL the bragging rights as the “Donor Champs.

To sweeten the deal, if the Cubs win, our region’s CEO, Mike Parks, will travel to Chicago to help install 100 smoke alarms. But, if the TRIBE wins, we challenge their CEO, Celena Roldán, to come to Cleveland and install 100 smoke alarms.

The added benefit to this challenge? By downloading the Blood Donor App you will have all of your donor information handily available, including your donor card. You can also see where your blood travels and your donation history.

So, Indian’s fans! Let’s go help save some lives!!

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