West Virginia Floods 2016

June 26, 2016. Charleston, West Virginia. Floods.
Lucille Chandler speaks with American Red Cross staff Joanna King. 90-year-old Lucille Chandler’s home in Clendenin was flooded on Thursday. She and her daughter were rescued by a neighbor who had a boat. He transported them to a nearby church that was partially flooded, but where the top floor was still dry and used by local residents seeking shelter. Yesterday she was brought to the Capital High School gymnasium in Charleston which has been turned into an Red Cross shelter. “I really appreciate what the Red Cross has done for me,” explains Lucille, ”I have a problem walking and the Red Cross volunteers bring me around in a wheelchair”. The next step for Lucille’s Red Cross assistance will be handled by caseworkers.
Photo by Daniel Cima for the American Red Cross

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