Metropolis Red Cross Responds to Latest Battle

Article reprint courtesy of today’s Daily Planet

As so-called “Heroes” battle in the skies above the city, the American Red Cross of Metropolis Chapter has quietly begun to set up services for those displaced by the most recent disaster.

“When villains call out Superman, Red Cross workers know that a disaster response will not be far behind,” said Tim O’Toole, Regional Disaster Manager for the Metropolis Chapter. “Now that we have the dark knight of Gotham added to the mix, we have braced for an even larger response.”

Those displaced by the fighting can find shelter by visiting Red Cross volunteers will be on site to provide financial assistance and vital services, including mental health.

As first responders continue to work on the destruction left in the wake of these super men (and reportedly at least one woman), the Red Cross is on scene to provide coffee, water and snacks to those fighting the blazes.

For more information on the response of the Metropolis Red Cross, or to get info on your local chapter, subscribe to

You can also donate to “this” and other local disasters by going to, calling 1 800 RED CROSS, or texting RED CROSS to 90999.


(Batman v Superman opens today. For times and locations check out this link here.)

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