Red Cross Assisting Dozens Displaced By Apartment Fire


Photo credit: Jeremy Bayer/American Red Cross

Residents Chased From Their Homes Close to Thanksgiving Holiday

Red Cross workers and volunteers were called for assistance after fire broke out in an apartment building in Geauga County early Monday morning.

45 residents have been affected by the fire, with several seeking assistance for overnight lodging, as temperatures dip to some of the coldest readings of the year.

The Monday morning fire follows another very busy weekend for Red Cross disaster workers, who were called to a dozen home fires, offering immediate financial assistance to more than 50 people for food, lodging, and other immediate needs.  Follow-up assistance, such as mental health services and referrals to other agencies will also be provided.

It was a similar story the weekend before, with a like number of people chased from their homes by fire, and receiving Red Cross assistance.

There is much to be thankful for: no fatalities were reported.

The American Red Cross is attempting to reduce home fire fatalities through Operation Save-A-Life.  With the help of local fire departments and other community partners, the Red Cross offers free smoke alarms, in many neighborhoods going door-to-door installing the alarms,  and offering residents valuable fire safety information.

Photo credit: Cal Pusateri/American Red Cross Volunteer

For more information or to schedule a free fire safety inspection for your home, visit the Operation Save-A-Life website.

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