Why we Red Cross: Volunteering

Ingrid, a Red Cross volunteer stands with her husband, John.

Ingrid, a Red Cross volunteer stands with her husband, John.

Before meeting her husband, Ingrid Normington worked as a marine biologist helping to develop a sustainable plan for the 7,100 islands and islets in her native Philippines. In the early days of their relationship, John, retired military, and Ingrid were pen pals. Once they decided to marry, Ingrid and her daughter Maya returned with John to his home in Stark County.

In the wake of international events starting with September 11, 2001, John re-enlisted in the National Guard. Ingrid immersed herself into being a military wife. She volunteered with a military family readiness group where she met Melissa Seibert, the Red Cross Service to Armed Forces Manager for the Northeast Ohio Region.

“Melissa empowered me and continues to empower me,” says Ingrid, who now volunteers with military families through the Stark County Chapter. Ingrid understands the power of having someone there who understands the situation many military families go through. John recently returned from active duty in Afghanistan.

The Red Cross gives support to active-duty military members, National Guard and Reserve members, veterans and their families. We provide pre-deployment briefings, called “Get to Know Us Before You Need Us,” and connect families with needed resources when their loved ones are deployed.

For more information on our Service to Armed Forces programs, visit our website or contact your local Red Cross Chapter.

1 thought on “Why we Red Cross: Volunteering

  1. I worked in the medical field when I began to volunteer 15 yrs. ago for Red Cross then I found a home a yr. later as paid staff and started to work with military and have never regretted it! as for me there is no finer position then the one I am in now helping military service members and their families with the many programs Red Cross offers to them as well as working with our Veterans Making a difference is so rewarding and I thank Red Cross of N.E. Ohio for supporting our Military, Families, and Veterans!!

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